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Desktop or In-Line Soldering Robot

22 July 2021

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Desktop or In-Line Soldering Robot

L-CAT EVO has been upgraded and renamed as L-CAT EVO-II. This robot can be used for in-line or desktop applications.

The L-CAT EVO-II has expanded Input and Output capability and an Ethernet function.

The X/Y/Z/R-axes move more smoothly and are much more reliable. 

The L-CAT EVO-II has a capacity of 100 programs and 100,000 points to meet virtually all PCB soldering requiremants. The soldering temperature can be customized inside each of the 300 soldering profiles to provide optimal quality and cycle time. X&Y motors with high accuracy rotary encoders achieve 0.01mm resolution (repeatability 0.02mm) with a maxumum speed 750mm/sec.

"The Robot Designed Excusively for Soldering"

Designed & Built by Apollo Seiko